Art Investments Gallery at 7 Quinn Street in Parkhurst

Art Investments opened its gallery at 7 Quinn Street, Parkhurst in December 2012 and experienced a successful visitors’ turnout during the holidays, boding well for the artists mentored by this inspirational initiative.

Paintings - Art Investments

An artist currently enjoying plenty of attention at the Art Investments gallery is Ben Tuge, an established sculptor who digs into the ‘bones’ of politics, demonstrating the pros and cons of our leaders and our unique country.

Ben’s sculpture of a downcast figure, looking down onto a broken mirror, titled ‘Broken Dreams’ is sure to attract a private collector in the near future.

Another established artist attracting private collectors to the Art Investments Gallery includes established painter Patrick Rapai.

Prints - Art Investments

Patrick performs his alchemy on canvass through his inspiration drawn from the textures of nature, such as tree bark, the soil, road surfaces, grass and anything related to nature and basic construction. Describing his technique as ‘dimensional,’ he is drawn to our African landscape, rural dwellings, complete with its rustic, rich colours.

The Art Investments Gallery mantra is to avoid the sad van Gogh scenario of a true artist becoming famous and rich only after their demise!

Art Investments Gallery’s focus is to:

  •  Find artists from all South African communities with the potential for greatness;
  •  Provide these artists with the tools of their craft, such as paint and canvas;
  •  Mentor young artists to realise their full potential;
  •  Promote and sell their art to enable them to live a sustainable lifestyle dedicated to their craft.
Photography - Art Investments

Art Investments is inviting artists in need of mentoring as well as individuals and corporate art investors to contact Reggie at


Phone: 011 447 5000



Gallery: 7 Quinn Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg.



+Tim Capper

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