Ipswich, A Great Place To Be In The Summertime

The summer is coming and it is time for day trippers and families to start exploring and having some fun. One of the best places in the United Kingdom is Suffolk and within the beauty of Suffolk is Ipswich. Anyone and everyone can spend an entire summer exploring the fun and beauty that is Ipswich.

Whether it is a roaring good time or exploring the history that is the United Kingdom, Ipswich has something for everyone. There is fun, there is culture and there is history. A person will be hard pressed to find a day with nothing to do in Ipswich.

Summer in Ipswich, Suffolk

Ipswich Culture

For those that crave the stage and screen there is much to do in Ipswich. This upcoming summer The New Wolsey Theatre is going to be putting on some of the best presentations that Ipswich has ever seen. It really does not matter what you are watching, because the atmosphere at New Wolsey is something that anyone and everyone can appreciate.


If you have seen a movie about a port town in the 1400’s then you have seen what Historic Ipswich Waterfront is like. It is amazing. It feels like you have walked out of modern day and into the past. The food is awesome and the people have a friendly feel about them that makes everyone think they have found their long lost home.

Another touch of the past can be found at the Ipswich Transport Museum. This is not an all-day event, but you can spend an entire afternoon or morning perusing the museum. There are exhibits that will amaze and enrapture. It is quite an experience to see the types of transportation that have been used throughout the years.

Family Adventure in Ipswich

For those with a family that want a little adventure there is Gemini Ghost Tours. The entire tour takes anywhere from an hour to two hours and is actually a very information historic tour also. It is led by one of the highly conversant staff members and is fun for the entire family or even a couple that wants to cuddle close and hear about the history of Ipswich.

There are two major water tours that take place and both have different aspects that can appeal to everyone. The first is the Orwell River Cruise. This is a powered boat that travels up and down the waterways of Ipswich. The tour is informative, while at the same time there is the freedom to travel the boat and just enjoy the water.

The boats are family safe and the entire trip is fairly calm meaning that even someone with a mild fear of the open water will enjoy themselves. No one should get seasick unless they are very sensitive. Below deck a person can almost ignore the mild movements of the boat and feel as if they are in their own family room at home.

The Sailing Barge Victor is about the same size boat and is sail powered. These professionals provide the same type of tour, but with a slightly different feel to it. The boat moves about a little more on the water, but it would still take a pretty low tolerance of the water to make a person avoid this tour. The calming waters will make anyone feel at home. The best time to take the tour is early morning or later in the day.

The summers on the waters of Ipswich are impossible to forget. Even the hottest days are cooled by a summer breeze and the occasion mist from the waters. If the outside has become a little too hot for the family, then these water tours will keep everyone outside and at the same time provide a trip that can be as much as ten degrees cooler than simply being outside.

An Ipswich Must See

There is one place that everyone absolutely has to check out when visiting Ipswich. Whether it is the type of thing that normally appeals to a person or not, everyone will be amazed and awed by Christchurch Mansion. The mansion is in the Tudor style of the 16th century and sits on 65 acres of property and parkland. Both the property and the mansion are admission free to explore and they are open most of the day.

Just standing in front of this immense building gives a feeling of awe. The visage takes a person back to a place and time that can never be forgotten. It is something to see for everyone. Children walk slowly through the halls in a state of wonder that is not that much different from the way adults feel in this historic building.

Ipswich is a beauty of a place for family, couples or single people and the entire summer can be spent within its limits. Everyone should take at least one summer and explore Ipswich in Suffolk.


Ipswich Accommodation

My personal and favourite Boutique Hotel near Ipswich, Suffolk is Kesgrave Hall, part country house, part bouique, family friendly, just fabulous ….. !

Situated just off the A12 between Ipswich and Woodbridge – the Suffolk Heritage Coast with towns and villages such as Aldeburgh, Southwold, Walberswick and Dunwich are all within a 30 minute drive and well worth a visit.

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Ipswich, Suffolk

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