The 15 Best Luxury Easter Eggs From 2014

When it comes to mouthwatering Easter chocolate, bunnies are secondary to their eggs. Here are 15 of the most deliciously delectable confections of the 2014 Easter season.

It was hard going but we managed it !

15 Best Easter Eggs of 2014

1: Hotel Chocolat: Your Eggsellency Extra Thick Easter Egg

Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg

Are there more beautiful words in the English language than extra thick chocolate? Hotel Chocolat wasn’t playing around this year, offering an Easter egg so thick you almost needed a knife to slice it open. It was a beautiful marketing decision and an even tastier treat!

2: Prestat: Polka Dot Egg

Prestat Easter

Real eggshells coated the chocolate-and-truffle insides of Prestat’s painted polka dot eggs. The company refused to explain how they did it, but that only added to their mystery and rarity. Polka dots have never been so intriguing.

3: Demarquette: Chocolate Caramel Quails Eggs

Demarquette Easter

Available in both pastel and florescent shades, Demarquette embraced every colour of the rainbow with their harlequin print quail eggs. The detail was eclipsed only by the flavor, with banoffee, key lime and sea salt nougat all waiting to explode on your tongue as you bit through their silky shells.

4: Charbonnel & Walker: English Rose and Violet Creams Egg

Charbonnel Easter

Billed as a “floral fondant,” these luxury eggs managed to both delight the palate and ensnare the senses. Violets and English roses gave their presentation a sense of sophistication, and even the sugar-spun candy coating gave off a sense of refinement.

5: Betty’s: White Chocolate Rabbit Easter Egg

Betty's Easter

There’s no chocolate quite like Betty’s, and they upped their game even further this year by experimenting with white and dark chocolate swirls. Delicately decorated with a nose-twitching bunny surrounded by flower petals, this Easter egg was so charming it was almost a shame to eat it. Almost.

6: Lindt: Ultimate Hazelnut Milk Shell Egg

Lindt Easter

If you like your chocolate with a bit of a crunch, you would’ve loved this luxury sweet from Lindt. Their satin chocolate blended perfectly with their crisply roasted hazelnuts for an Easter egg that more than lived up to its “ultimate” name.

7: Marks & Spencer: Pistachio and Orange Dark Chocolate Egg

MnS Easter

With an attention to detail just as painstaking as the thread count on their suits, Marks & Spencer created a stunningly gorgeous Easter egg that shined like a diamond and tasted just as fine. Mixing caramel, chocolate and citrus, it also delivered a bite with pistachio shavings embedded in the shell.

8: Thorntons: Raspberry Cheesecake Egg

Thorntons Easter

Thorntons really outdid themselves this year, offering a milk chocolate egg infused with raspberry flavor and covered with cheesecake crumbs. Between the biscuit, the chocolate and the fruit, it pretty much covered all food groups of the Easter pyramid.

9: Booja Booja: Rum Sozzled Sultana Easter Egg

Booja Booja Easter

Who says Easter eggs are only for children? This scrumptious chocolate egg from Booja Booja was tempered with just a hint of grape-flavoured rum, and the taste swirled beautifully with its rich, silky truffled interior. As a bonus, the whole thing was gluten-free and organic!

10: James Chocolates: Milk Honeycomb Cupcake Egg

James Chocolates Easter

Like the same suggests, this egg had the bowled and creamed appearance of a cupcake. What you may not have guessed is that the “icing” was actually whipped chocolate mixed with crunchy honeycomb pieces and presented with flair.

11: Tesco: Finest Medley Of Eggs

Tesco Easter

Ever seen a matryoshka doll? This egg had a similar design, every layer hiding a different kind beneath it. From milk to white to dark chocolate, you simply had to lick your way to the caramel centre buried deep, deep beneath the shell. What a chore!

12: Melt: Sparkle Easter Egg

Melt Easter

Little girls all over the UK were delighted with these purple, pink and gold-dappled Easter eggs. Not only did they glitter in the light like tiny chocolate crystals, but they were also completely hollow, perfect for breaking off chunks and making it last.

13: Amelie Chocolat: Bunnies Ducks ‘n Eggs

Amelie Easter

Sugared ducks nestled comfortably inside this egg alongside white chocolate rabbits and colourfully wrapped mini-eggs. The lot of them practically spilled out of the shell as soon as you cracked it open! Talk about a delightful Easter surprise!

14: Harrods: White Chocolate and Strawberry Easter Egg

Harrods Easter

Textured white chocolate covered real freeze-dried strawberries in this unique confection from Harrods. Even its decoration was artful, the ivory shell cracking open just enough to reveal the red fruit bursting at the seams. It you weren’t hungry before you looked at it, you definitely were afterwards.

15: Godiva: Easter Egg Chocolate Treat

Godive Easter

The clear winner of this year’s Easter egg selection, Godiva offered an exquisite taste experience with their signature Belgium chocolates wrapped in a nougatine and milk chocolate shell. If you didn’t get the opportunity to try it this year, make sure you put it on your list for 2015. It’s one egg you won’t want to miss!

Tim Capper writes for himself at the Daily-Grind

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