What makes a Hypnos Mattress that Extra Special ?

Sleep like royalty, literally, on what is considered the most comfortable bed in the world. If this isn’t enough to make it special, there are many more reasons why Hypnos beds are extra special. Each bed is a bespoke creation that has been handmade to perfection. There is nothing more distinctive than a bed that is made to measure for each customer.

Each bed is tailor made to meet individual requirements for size, shape and style. You can select your comfort level from very firm to cushy soft. Each divan is also personalized with choice of fabric colour including cord fabric or faux suede. You can even provide your own selection that matches your curtains and upholstery and have hidden storage spaces included.

Hypnos has worked for more than 100 years to reach mattress perfection. Handmade construction is supplemented by the latest technology and they only use the highest quality natural materials. Wool, cashmere, cotton and silk are harmonized to create a surface that recognises your body’s imprint and provides the right pressure and support that is perfect for your comfort. The materials combine natural insulation and breathability, so the mattress never gets too hot and the silk and cashmere provide a soft sleeping surface.

Beneath the surface is the perfect support from the spring system. Each spring has a fabric case and functions individually to respond to direct pressure from your body. When two people sleep in the same bed, this spring system allows each person to move without disturbing the other person, because only their support springs respond. The number of turns in bed springs is what allows them to give support. Hypnos springs have eight active turns which is why they are able to respond with the level of support and weight distribution required.

A Hypnos mattress will be like new for up to ten years. It has a five year guarantee and a 10 year warranty against any fault in the manufacturing process or materials. It is extremely durable and a good investment, because even if a cheap mattress will last five years, it will only be good for one or less. The rest of the time you will have a substandard mattress.

The handmade process included hand tufting. This means a tape is passed through the mattress and tightened with tufts on either side, which serves two purposes. It holds the filling together and creates a firm and comfortable sleeping surface. The tapes are secured with soft wool, so there is no chance the tufts will be felt.

The side stitching is also hand done. This means the side of the mattress is stitched to the outer row of springs. Only a very few high quality mattresses on the market have hand stitched sides. The top of the line, the Princess, has three rows of side stitching.

You can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep, and with a Hypnos mattress you can count on ten years of excellent, comfortable, restful sleep.

The Royal Comfort Collection includes a soft topper that regulates your body temperature and moisture, whilst the core and divan base together align you spine and support your body.

The Regency Collection provides luxurious comfort for different tastes and each mattress can be turned with both sides offering the same support.

The Heritage Collection is made with sustainable materials and is ecologically sound. It has a patented spring system that actively turns for instant support and pressure relief.

The Orthos Support Collection is especially designed for people who want firmer support that is still comfortable. It comes in a choice of four materials including wool, cashmere, latex and silk.

The Pillow Top Collection is not to be turned. It offers a luxurious soft layer or pillow for the sleeping surface and gives a cocooning effect.

The Pillow Turn Collection has a removable, soft sleeping surface that can be put back on the mattress after it has been turned or rotated.

The Pocket Latex Collection is a no-turn mattress that has a cotton surface that is infused with silver. This resists dust mites and bacteria for the most hygienic sleeping experience.

Made to measure bedsteads and divans as well as a wide selection of fabrics are available for each type of Hypnos mattress.

Tim Capper writes for himself at the Daily-Grind

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