A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to London

Chocolate is  delicious and decadent, a sweet treat that millions of people really, really, really enjoy. London has a fabulous array of famous and not so famous chocolate shops  to indulge in exceptionally delicious hand crafted chocolate. Since the first chocolate shop opened up in 1657 in Bishopsgate, other chocolate shops began popping up all over the city of London throughout the years, and each of them has something different to offer visitors.

A Chocolate Lovers Guide to London

William Curley happens to be one of the biggest chocolate shops in London. The shop opened up in 2004, and is only a short walk from the Richmond tube station by Richmond Green. This famous chocolate shop won “Best British Chocolatier” in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

When visitors walk into William Curley, they see beautiful glass display cases that feature the many types of chocolate and pastries. A much loved part of the shop is the little coffee area located in the back. This offers a relaxing setting for visitors to enjoy chocolate and a hot cup of coffee.


Alexeeva & Jones chocolate shop in London is located at 297 Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, this shop features handmade chocolates from some of the leading chocolatiers in the United Kingdom. Alexeeva & Jones offers many types of chocolates for sale including dark, milk, and white chocolate, fondants, praline, and ganache.

The shop also offers chocolate gift sets, perfect for holidays and special occasions. The chocolate sampler packs are a good way to test out the different chocolates the shop has for sale.


Melt found on Ledbury road is a lovely chocolate shop that has a marble counter and allows visitors to select the chocolates that they want using tongs and a wooden tray. One great thing about shop is that most of the chocolate for sale is made on site in the kitchen located in the back.

The collection from Melt includes pralines, truffles, bonbons, and caramels. Also for sale includes white, dark, and milk chocolate slabs, chocolate bars, and hot chocolate blocks.


Rococo Chocolates has been around 1983, and is still going strong. The founder of this shop, Chantal Caody, started her own chocolate company for the purpose of funding her career in photography. The shop has grown and expanded since then, and now there are three Rococo Chocolate shop locations. One unique thing about this shops is that visitors can enjoy choosing from chocolate bars in 20 different flavors, including lime, orange, basil, and chocolate pudding flavor.

There are also novelty items for sale including chocolate cigars. The style of chocolate sold is strong and distinctive and based on French style chocolate from the 19th century.

Artisan du Chocolat is conveniently located near Sloan Square. The shop is small and clean and features modern décor. Some of the most popular items sold at this chocolate shop include Pearls, Liquid Caramels, and thin Os.

There is a comfortable seating area where visitors can enjoy other items on the menu including drinking chocolate, salted caramels, milk bars, luxurious Melanges, and magic wands.

London is a great destination for anyone that has a love for chocolate. It offers a chance for individuals to stop in a variety of chocolate shops and browse through the wide selection of chocolates and other tasty treats for sale.

Some shops have a comfortable seating area designed to allow visitors sit down and relax for a while and enjoy a variety of tasty treats. Visitors can try and visit as many chocolate shops as they can, or they can participate in one of the many London chocolate tours. London even has a popular museum dedicated to nothing but chocolate.

The Chocolate Museum is located at 187 Ferndale Road and offers education exhibits that teaches the history of chocolate. The museum also sells chocolates made from popular UK artisan’s chocolatiers. There are workshops also offers workshops including chocolate and wine tasting, school workshops, chocolate making, and holiday chocolate art. When the process of chocolate making is performed with such care and precision, there really is no reason not to indulge once in a while.

Tim Capper

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