Creepy Crawly Cherry Trees in Corby, its Caterpillar Heaven

A row of Cherry trees in Cottingham Road, Corby have been covered in webs which are teeming with caterpillars, what an amazing spectacle of nature.

bird cherry ermine moth caterpillars corby

These little guys spin the webs and huddle together for protection, and in the process eat all the leaves, which recover the following year. The culprit is the so called bird cherry ermine moth caterpillars ( Yponomeuta evonymella )

The bird-cherry ermine (Yponomeuta evonymella) is a day active lepidopteran from the family Yponomeutidae, the ermine moths. The wingspan of the moth ranges from 16 to 25 mm.

The host plant of the bird-cherry ermine is the bird cherry. Because the caterpillars make an extensive weblike nest, they can eat a whole tree bare unhindered although it is quite possible that the trees can survive with reduced growth in the following growth seasons.

The flight time ranges from July up to August. The moth can be found in the whole of Europe and the northern and eastern part of Asia.

The bird-cherry ermine (Yponomeuta evonymella)


Corby’s Creepy Crawly Cherry Trees


Its a pity these caterpillars leave before winter, this would be the ultimate Halloween street.

The caterpillars are not hazardous to human health and the council is working with external consultants to try to break the cycle of them returning in future.

Location of the Cherry Trees in Cottingham Road ( A427 ), Corby.

Use the layby to park safely or the petrol station 100m further down the road.


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