Deciding on Disposable Contacts

Contacts are great options for people who have various types of vision problems. They allow people to be able to see, without the inconvenience of wearing glasses. Some people are uncomfortable with wearing glasses because it makes their appearance different. Others don’t like glasses because glasses can fall off or get damaged easily, especially for those with an active lifestyle, such as people who play sports a lot.

Additionally, it can be easy to misplace glasses, and contact lenses are a great way to have good eyesight without having to worry about finding glasses each day.

Pro’s & Con’s to Disposable Contacts

Many contacts are made to be taken out at the end of every day and put back in each morning, so that they aren’t being worn during the night, when people are sleeping. For some people, this adds an extra inconvenience, as it often means that when a person wakes up, they have blurry vision. It can also be inconvenient when traveling, in case you forget your solution and or contact container. Sometimes people forget to take them out at night, which is uncomfortable and bad for the eyes. Wearing contacts overnight can result in a higher risk for a variety of eye complications, including eye infections.

There are many different monthly and weekly contact lens options available for those who enjoy using contacts but would like an option that needs to be changed less frequently. The weekly option allows a person to wear the same pair of contacts for seven days before they should be changed. There are also monthly options available, which are made out of a different material that is extremely permeable, and this type can be won for up to thirty days at a time. Both of these options allow more oxygen into the eye, and specifically, the cornea, while being used.

Months and weekly contact lenses, known as extended wear lenses, are relatively new, and have only been available for a short time. Not everyone’s eyes can handle them, so it’s important to speak with an eye doctor before purchasing them, though as advances continue to be made, it is likely that new versions of extended wear contacts will be more accessible to even more people. Though earlier versions of extended wear lenses brought about waves of health concerns, recent progress and new discoveries have lead to new versions of extended wear lenses being available. These updated versions have solved the health concerns of the past, and are now extremely safe alternatives to glasses or contacts that must be changed every day.

Though most people continue to change their contacts every night, the extended wear options that have become available allow those who need correctional help with their vision a variety of options in deciding which type is right for their lifestyle. The ability to go for a week, or even a month, without having to change contact lenses is extremely desirable to many people, and there are many reasons that the extended wear option should be considered. Anyone who frequently travels or often forgets to take out their contacts should speak with their eye doctor to learn more about these options, and decide if these types of contact lenses are worth looking into.

If in any doubt, see your optician


+Tim Capper

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