Finally they have made Solar Panels that work all year round!


Solar Thermodynamic Panels

I have to say that I am a firm beliver in renewable energy and doing what we can for the world we live in. The problem for me, was Solar Panels seemed to only really work in our 6 months of summer and they also depended on the way your house was lined up, south east or south west. Then we also have, or rather about to launch, Kingston combi boilers that generate electricity when in use, but they tend to only work when it is colder outside because of condensation, or something to that effect.

And that leads to the Solar Thermodynamic Panel :

Solar thermodynamic panels are different in several ways. They can produce heat even when the sun is not shining or if temperatures are cold. Heat from the sun is used when it is present, but at night or during bad weather the panels are designed to continue harvesting energy from the ambient air down to temperatures of minus 5º Celsius.


These types of panels can be used for heating hot water for domestic water supply, space heating through radiant floor heating systems and heating of swimming pools and other large volumes of water. Virtually unlimited amounts of hot water can be generated at a fraction of the cost of other water heating methods using solar thermodynamic panels.

So that is what we have been looking for, a solar panel that works 365 days a year, day and night.


If you would like to know more about solar thermodynamic heating systems follow the link

Solar thermodynamic panels are an exciting innovation in renewable energy for heating in homes and businesses
Solar Thermodynamic Panels
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