Man Wrapping Paper, well it is idiot proof !

When you’re five years old and you try to wrap the present you got for your mum in old newspaper and sellotape, it’s adorable. People think its so cute that you tried so hard, and of course the present was opened with happiness.

Unfortunately, as you grow up, you need to progress, and wrapping presents is no different. Just like you don’t get a pat on the head for eating your vegetables anymore, even if it would help sometimes, you don’t get the same gleeful shouts when you offer someone important to you their gift wrapped in a papery mess!

Help is at hand, for idiots …….. Man Wrap !

What is it about blokes when it comes to wrapping paper? Even men who are otherwise extremely competent seem to end up feeling at a loss when it comes to handling sparkly wrapping paper and tape, and that is why Man Wrap had to be invented.

When you are looking at Man Wrap, you are suddenly freed from the hell that is a tube of loose paper, a broken roll of tape and scissors. You don’t have to measure anything, and you barely have to cut anything. Instead, you are given a roll of paper that is tightly coiled around a plastic handle, and all you have to do is to wrap paper around the widest edge of your present. You can do that, remove the handle from the paper that you have pulled off, and then simply use the self-stick strips to secure the package in place before folding down the loose edges.

What a lot of blokes like about Man Wrap is that there is no fuss to it at all. You have everything that you need to wrap the present right there, and you don’t even have to worry about choosing the right wrapping paper pattern, because there is only one! You don’t have to remember that Grandma loves the floral patterns and that your niece adores superhero wrapping paper.

Just revel in the fact that Man Wrap comes on a simple blue field with silver stars. It’s simple, it’s easy, and if anyone asks you why you choose the wrapping paper you choose, you can just favour them with a lordly nod and state that that’s what the wrapping paper of the future looks like. Then, when they’re looking confused, make a break for it.

Not only do men love wrapping paper, their girlfriends and wives love it too. Suddenly, instead of being the clumsy bloke who needs to be told what to do at every moment of every day, you can be trusted with your roll and a pile of presents. Don’t doubt it, women love a guy who helps out, and if you manage to help get some of her tasks out of the way, there is going to be a lot more time for something fun for the both of you!

You never have to worry about handing over a naked present again, or one that is so clumsily wrapped that people ask you with a sparkle if it’s from your five-year-old child. Instead, you can hand over a great present that looks like it might have been wrapped at a store, and you don’t even have to waste that entire roll of wrapping paper on errors and temper tantrums to do it!


+Tim Capper

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