Money Saving Tip when buying Chicken

This evening when nipping into the shop to buy some Chicken for dinner (I always buy whole) and waiting at the check out, a lady in front of me commented at how expensive chicken was. She had bought 2 packs of chicken breast costing £ 4.50 per pack, where as my whole chicken was priced at £ 4.50.

The conversation went onto, why she did not buy a whole chicken? Firstly she never realised that they cost more for just the breast. Secondly she had no idea how to portion out a whole chicken….. and so this article.

Money Saving Tip: Buy Whole Chicken and Portion Yourself.

Whole chicken is currently Priced at :  £ 2.48 per KG

Chicken Breast is currently Priced at : £ 11.43 per KG

So if you purchase a whole chicken then portion up yourself you can save a small fortune.

How to cut up, portion a Whole Chicken

This is not some professional video, I got home after purchasing the chicken and thought … why not. But you will see how easy it is … 5 minutes in total.

Practise makes perfect and you are saving money every time.


Tim Capper

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