Best Priced Oak Furniture, even better then Oak Furniture Land sales

You did not misread the title, yes you can find Better Priced Oak Furniture which is cheaper the Oak Furniture Lands Sales prices … seriously! Having become an unofficial advocate for independent local retailers, I have realised that most independent stores offer better oak furniture prices then “mass” retailers offer, even in their sales!.

They just offer everyday Best Prices and don’t need to offer, Sales and bombard us with in your face every night telly Ads ( knock knock, seriously hate that Ad ), website Ads and re-targeted Ads, …… I feel stalked, but i guess that their business model.

Every Day Priced Oak Furniture vs Oak Furniture Land Sales Price

Note: This is not exhaustive research, but a regular online search for oak furniture in my local area.


Oak Furniture Best Price

Product: Rustic Oak 3+4 Chest of Drawers

Oak Furniture Land Price: £ 498.24      Sale Price: £ 428.24

Charlie’s Pine & Oak Price: £425.00

For your own research, the products can be found:


Oak Furniture Price Comparison

Product: Rustic Oak 5 Drawer Chest

Oak Furniture Land Price: £ 399.96      Sale Price: £ 289.96

Charlie’s Pine & Oak Price: £ 275.00

For your own research, the products can be found:

Campaign furniture is a type of furniture made for travel. Historically, much of it was made for military campaigns. One of the most famous pieces of campaign furniture was the Wellington Chest, named for the 1st Duke of Wellington


Oak Furniture Better then a Sale

Product: Rustic Oak 4ft6 Double Bed

Oak Furniture Land Price: £ 499.88      Sale Price: £ 399.88

Charlie’s Pine & Oak Price: £ 365.00

For your own research, the products can be found:


And there you have a couple of examples of where an independent offers every day oak furniture prices that beat oak furniture lands sale prices.

What’s that Free Delivery, you say. Well independents are at a slight disadvantage, but for example Charlie’s Pine & Oak offer free two man delivery and installation if you are in a certain radius, so worth checking out.

Top Tip: Take five minutes in the future and search some independent retailers. Shop Local where you can.

If you have any other tips, let us know.

Tim Capper writes for himself at the Daily-Grind

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