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Having my ususal moan about Christmas over a glass of wine, a friend recommended using Bean Print ( http://www.beanprint.com ) to have my Christmas cards made, as she had done.

This was too good an opportunity to pass up!. The website is extreamly easy to use and I had no trouble in creating my cards. You have a choice in dabbling with the Online Editor to create your own custom cards or you can select from Templated Designs, so no matter how computer savvy you are there is way to create the Card you want.

Once created, click and pay. I ordered 50 cards of “my own design”, Satin folded in 250gsm and it came to an £ 26.99…….. what more can i say !

The Best Part to all of this, Bean Print is a Born and Bred British Company.

Business Cards

Whilst on the site I noticed that they also do business cards, which I assume is their mainsay product. The reason I took a look at their business cards, is that a couple of years ago I used vistaprint to have some cards made. It was their Free offer, so you have to try !

However there was a sting in the tail. I started noticing charges on my credit card, so actually what was free, was not. Also it was done through a Non UK company so it was a real bugger to get the charges stopped. The cards were also smaller and thinner then ususal, so we won’t be using Vistaprint again !

On the other hand, jusdging by the outstanding quality of my Christmas Cards, I will most certainly give Bean Print Business Cards a try next time and I will update you in a review on the site when delivered

The Business Card Range

Standard Business Card Range

Our card for this is a brilliant white card obtained from renewable sources, it has a silk finish. For most uses our standard range offers the best value for money and quality.

Gloss Range

These cards are not laminated but are printed onto what the paper mill class as Gloss card, we prefer to call it satin as the final product is not a high gloss. This card provides a very crisp image and produces fantastic colours which are the best solution for business cards that contain photographic images. They do appear thinner than some of cards as the gain is more dense which produces better results for photographs.

Textured Range
This is a laid card which is perfect for producing the classic textured look, has a Diamond white colour producing that little something extra for your cards. (not suitable for cards with photographic or large blocks of colour) Dispite its low gram weight this is a thick card and more like our 400gsm standard card for its thickness and stiffness.
Becoming a very popular choice.


Matt laminating: Provides a beautiful soft smooth delux finish to your cards, this finish can make fine text appear softer and not quite as crisp, colours can also appear slightly dull and not as bright as the gloss lamination.


Gloss laminating: Really makes your colours and text stand out, text appears sharper and colours brighter, this finish can make it difficult to write on with a ball point pen.
Please allow 2 working days. If possible we will deliver next day but due to the process this is not always possible.


Merry Christmas
+Tim Capper

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