The Good Bean : Coffee Shop & Cafe, Old Town Corby

The Good Bean Coffee Shop in Old Town Corby is an absolute gem of a coffee shop…. really! If there is one thing i know about, its coffee and sublime coffee at that.

The Good Bean - Corby

The Good Bean Corby (TGB) has been open now for around 3 weeks and their customer base is increasing daily. Bridget Watts “Owner & Barista at The Good Bean” also makes all her own breads, cakes and sandwiches available in the Cafe, Coffee Shop.

Not having much of a sweet tooth myself, I used my darling wife as the taste tester for TGB chocolate brownie and was given a 5 star rating, I actually put those words into my wifes interpretation, her exact words were, “if you loved me …. you’d go and get me another piece”. Enough said, in my book thats 5 Stars.

The Good Bean

Bringing you freshly roasted coffee, hand-made sandwiches and daily baked breads and cakes.

64a High Street
NN17 1UU

Tel : 01536 401 494
Twit: @GoodBeanCorby

The Good Bean

Next visit I will have to take some more photo’s. Don’t you hate it when you realise that you are in the reflection  …   :)

The Good Bean - Corby Coffee Shop

64a High Street, Corby

The Good Bean - The Best Coffee shop in Corby

Inside The Good Bean … must check if wifi available, will get back to you on that.

The Good Bean - Corby High Street

Time to Drool

The Good Bean - Corby  - Chocolate Cake Handmade

FYI : ta is take away, ei is eat in

The Good Bean - Corby - lemon & Poppy Cake

The Good Bean is well worth popping in to! ENJOY


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