Retail Bags: Perfect for Branding and Perfect for the Environment

In today’s world, even brick and mortar businesses need to have a solid online marketing presence. However, this does not mean that they can neglect more traditional forms of marketing. Retail paper carrier bags are ideal for this purpose. They not only help create a powerful brand image, they do so in a very environmentally friendly way.

Your Brand, your Customers, your Packaging

One of the many advantages of a custom carrier bag is its permanence. Unlike television, radio, or newspaper ads, carrier bag advertising is long-lasting. Because most people save and reuse their bags the branding on the bags continues to advertise your company for as long as your customers keep them around. They help to grow your brand in a way that transcends any of the specific products that you sell. Furthermore, because your customers will be carrying your bags around with them in public while they shop, your business’ name and logo will be continually displayed to large numbers of people.

Keenpac’s paper carrier bags are custom-tailored to fit every clients’ needs. Each bag is crafted from high-grade art paper, and inks are colour-matched to fit your company’s logo exactly. Logo design can optionally be embossed onto the bags, rather than printed. The handles can be made with ribbon, stuffed cotton, satin, and more. These high end bespoke bag designs will give your company a look of class and success.

Paper bags also show the world that your company is environmentally responsible. They decompose naturally, and so do not increase landfill space. Because they decompose so rapidly they don’t present a threat to wildlife. Paper bags are made from renewable resources, such as trees and other plants. Many are made from recycled paper products, making them doubly environmentally friendly. Finally, because they are sturdy and reusable, one paper bag can prevent dozens of plastic bags from being used. Using custom carrier bags says a lot to the public about your company’s success and good taste. Using environmentally-friendly paper custom carrier bags also says a lot about its awareness and intelligence.

With environmental responsibility considered an important factor by today’s consumers, the use of paper carrier bags is a significant marketing factor. The combination of luxury and responsibility will present your potential customers with exactly the kind of image that they are looking for.

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