Tips to Keeping your Pets Healthy this Winter

Winter is a time full of cold snow and rain, and the night goes dark earlier than ever. While people are cold and sometimes a bit sad that this chilly season has arrived, it’s also important to consider how the pets are feeling. Whether you have a dog or a little turtle, you must know some tips as to how to keep him or her safe during the cold winter season.

Regular Vet Visits

Fortunately, some of the pesky problems associated with the summer tend to go away when the temperatures dip. Your favourite pet will likely no longer be dealing with the presence of fleas or other warm weather bugs that bite and scratch at him or her. However, your animal will be going outside for walks on cold days and not experiencing as much heat in the house. They could catch a cold, or they could simply fall ill as they would at any time of the year. Therefore, even if you are freezing on the walk there, it’s best to keep regular appointments and to visit the vet if you notice anything strange in your pet. Please do not allow your pet to get so sick that he or she looks like a bag of bones.

Grooming Techniques

An article entitled “Firth Veterinary Hospital Promotes Regular Pet Grooming to Keep Pets Healthy, Help Prevent Fleas” published by the GlobeNewswire explains the importance of regular grooming visits. Nail trimming, ear cleaning and bathing are all cited as ways to keep your pet healthy. These techniques will ensure that bacteria is not just lying around on your pet’s body. Consider all of the reasons why you must shower, brush your teeth and perform other grooming necessities, and you’ll realize why it’s so important for pets too.

Furthermore, these grooming specialists are also able to check for fleas and flea dirt during the process. Now, it was mentioned earlier that this will likely not be a problem during the colder months; however, a chance does exist that they could live. They might burrow themselves deep into the fur of a very thick coated dog, or they might have produced just enough offspring to keep alive. As the groomers are taking care of your pet, they will notice the presence of these unsightly little creatures and recommend a plan of treatment to help your pet get rid of them.

Diet and Water

Don’t assume that your pet doesn’t want much water just because it is cold out. Just like humans, pets can dehydrate. Keep up the regular water routine. Of course, before making any important decisions involving your pet, you always need to speak to your veterinarian. Pets have different needs based on their unique types, bodies and health conditions.

You also might want to start a new regime of giving your dog some herbal products. You’re likely not going to be as busy during the some, so you’ll have the extra time to figure out which is the best method for your dog. These herbal products can help to improve your dog’s health, assist with problems associated with joints and moving around, make his or her coat healthier and help with an array of other medical problems. Once again though, please consult with your vet before introducing any of these supplements into your dog’s diet. You want to be sure that you are selecting the one that is best for your pet. If you have a different kind of pet, ask your vet about pet supplements for that specific type of animal as well.

Going out and Holidays

If you have a dog, you likely take him or her out for walks. Perhaps you let your cat out for some fresh air too. Remember how cold it is though. Be sure that your dog has proper identification and has a strong leash or harness on him or her when you go for walks. You do not want your dog to get loose and run away, especially when the risk of freezing temperatures and snow really threatens your pet if he or she has no shelter. This same fact also applies for cats. Now may be the time to start considering turning your outdoor or outdoor/indoor cat into a full-time indoor cat. Indoor cats tend to live longer!

Furthermore, you might be unsure as to what to do with your pet when you go on holiday. Well, you absolutely must find a reputable boarding facility. Be sure to read a plethora of reviews before having your dog, cat or other pet stay at an establishment. You want to know that there is time for open play and plenty of walks, but you also want to ensure that your pet is watched over and is not going to escape the facility. If a person will be watching your pet, be sure that he or she understands all of your rules and how important it is to follow them. It takes only a second for a beloved pet to slip out the door and into the cold, icy winter world.

Having a pet is a huge responsibility; however, these animals are also so full of love for you. Make sure you show them that love in return. Take proper care of them this winter, every winter and all year round to keep them healthy, safe, warm and, of course, always loved.


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